Green Buildings

Our “Green build” is a simple, effective and affordable cost-saving solution to our cold Canadian winters.

The package consists of the following innovations:

  • “12 inch Wall System” – This gives your wall a R-40 rating vs a R-16 rating that conventional 2″x6″ walls have. Our walls are filled with blown-in cellulose insulation specifically designed for wall applications. The cellulose insulation used in 100% recycled material.
  • Triple Glaze, Casement windows throughout the house vs Dual Glaze slider windows. It equates to roughly a 20% increase in window performance.
  • R-52 ceiling insulation.
  • R-40 joist space insulation.

We guarantee that these improvements will increase the efficiency of your Modular Home.
Please speak to an associate regarding pricing as it changes depending on your house plan!


R-40 Walls

Energy efficient modular homes

Triple Glaze Windows

Modular homes in Edmonton with energy efficient windows

R-52 Ceiling

High insulation value modular home

12 inch Wall System

Modular homes in Alberta with high insulation value