Advantages of Modular Homes

Benefits of modular homes in Alberta

Modular Homes are built in a factory then trucked and assembled on the lot purchased by the customer.  Modular Homes are also called Manufactured Homes, Pre-fabricated Homes or “Ready-to-Move”(RTM) Homes. The conventional way of building a home on-site is called “stick building”.

Surprising Advantages of Manufactured Homes

You may be shocked to discover that a manufactured home trumps a house built on-site in so many ways. Here’s Why:


Speed – Building a modular home is faster than doing it conventionally. Period. Specialized labour and a central construction location make the build process significantly faster than stick-building on-site. As well, other aspects of the build (i.e. foundation, site preparation, utilities/services) can be done at the same time as the modular home.Another list element.


Predictable Scheduling – Prefabricated buildings are completed in manufacturing plants, so the modular building construction is never delayed by weather conditions and always occurs within a set timeframe. And because site preparation can take place while the modular building is being constructed, you’ll be in your new home faster than in a conventional stick-build!


Up to 30% Savings – Modular construction provides substantial savings over traditional stick-built structures due to the efficiency of the process. As much as 30% can be saved when building modular.


Overall Quality Higher Than Code Requires – Modular buildings are required to meet the same building codes as traditional construction. That means that you get the same quality, durability, and longevity with modular construction as you would with conventional construction. But because modular buildings are built to lift and move, they are actually built with a higher degree of structural integrity. One example is that we glue our exterior sheathing 8 feet up the wall of the structure on EVERY stud. This gives the home more rigidity and makes your home more rock-solid, plus it’s easier to move again in the future if you choose to do so.


Environmentally Friendly – Modular buildings are a key way to practice responsibility toward the environment. Pre-fabrication keeps waste to a minimum, permits disassembly to reduce the demand for raw materials, and minimizes the impact on the surrounding site environment.


Safety of Your Home During Construction – On-site theft is dramatically reduced because the home is off-site in a manufacturing plant.


Simplicity – How a manufactured home is made is simpler and cleaner than the conventional stick-built process. The buyer does not see the home until its complete and on the foundation.


Our Rock-Solid “Double Coverage” Warranty Package – Purchasing a home is a massive financial decision and we respect that! That is why we have a warranty program that protects your asset. Being a part of the Alberta New Home Warranty program (click here for more information) allows us to offer our clients peace-of-mind and security when it comes to their new home and we offer a 1 year builders warranty as well as “double coverage” in case there are issues with the home.

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