How Are Manufactured Homes Made?

A modular home also gets called a “Manufactured Home”, a “Prefabricated Home”, or sometimes even a “Pre-Fab”.

Even though we are a custom builder, we’ve distilled the process in just a few straightforward steps. Some of these steps may vary depending on your customization, but for the most part the process is as follows:


First things first: a modular home may or may not be a good fit for you. Pickup your nearest phone and give us a call to find out – 1-877-727-3224.


Someone from our sales team will make sure you get the information and guidance you need. We can email you our information package, discuss the possibilities over the phone, or even schedule an “in-person” appointment at our showroom.


If you think modular may be a fit for you, we then proceed to helping you select a floorplan. You can do this from our pre-designed modular homes floor plans, or work one-on-one with our team to customize a floorplan.


You’ll choose further customizations based on your lifestyle and preferences. At this point you’ll receive a “quote” price.


If you’re happy with both the floorplan and the price, then we slot you into our production schedule. A purchase contract is signed, a $10,000 deposit is given, and a start date is tentatively booked (based on availability within our facility). You can expect a build duration of 4 to 4.5 months depending on the complexity of your home.


Your payment schedule is outlined, the final customizations are selected by you, and your final price and floorplan are established.


We’ll work closely with you during the build process to make sure the construction is going exactly as you wish. You’re welcome to come to our manufacturing facility any time to see the progress of your home and to experience the process.


Once completed, your new home is delivered to the prepared site and the finishing work is completed immediately. This includes things like hooking up plumbing and electricity.


You’ll do a final inspection/walk-through with a Wesland representative to make sure you’re totally happy!

You won’t be abandoned – we’re here even after  you move in

On your first Anniversary of home ownership, and as per our 1 year builders warranty, all service requirements are completed immediately. Find out more…

Our Team is Ready to Answer Your Questions

To book your own consultation with us, simply call 1-877-727-3224. We will be happy to further explain the manufactured home process for you.