Our Team of Modular Home Experts

Floyd Fausak (General Manager, Owner)

Floyd brings a wealth of experience in the fields of general construction and customer service. He co-manages operations of Pioneer Builders Group and Wesland Modular Homes. Floyd has been a successful entrepreneur for 20+ years as well as being a well respected member in the community, volunteering on various boards and projects.

Floyd resides on a farm near Evansburg with his wife Donna and has two children; his son Josh and his daughter Emma.

Our Alberta Modular Home Team

Lucas Fausak (General Manager, Owner)

Lucas has a background in Business Management and Sales. He owned and operated a successful Real Estate firm and a full-service renovation business.
For Lucas, this industry, which he has been in since coming out of University, is as much a passion as it is a job: “Construction and Real Estate are definitely a passion of mine” explains Lucas. “It’s always interesting to take a building project on because your work is tangible at the end of the day.”

“Our goal is to be leaders in this industry. We want to set the bar in terms of product quality and customer service.

Lucas lives on an acreage (built by Wesland), near Evansburg with his wife Wendy and his 3 children, Eve, Abel and Espen.

Experts in Modular Homes in Alberta

Jen Newson (Office Manager)

Jen has been with Wesland since 2007. Her scope of work ranges from administrative duties to material sourcing/ordering to customer care to interior design, which are just a few of her duties. She is an integral part of the success of this company .


Modular homes for the Alberta Region

Kenton Germscheid (Shop Manager)

Kenton has been with Wesland since 2005. He is the manager of construction in the shop. Additionally, Kenton does a good bulk of the drafting. He has an intrepid focus on the quality of not only our product but also our workplace. He is an extremely valuable member of the Wesland team.


Experts in Edmonton Modular Homes

Jordan Currington (Carpenter, Finishing Manager)

Jordan has been with Wesland since 2008. He started with us in high school. Since then, Jordan has completed his apprenticeship as a Carpenter with NAIT. Jordan’s very high degree of skill and his commitment to quality are what have made him so successful thus far in his career and such a key component to this companies success.


Experienced Modular Home Builders

Don Congo (On-Site Manager)

JDon brings a wealth of construction experience to Wesland/Pioneer. He has been working with Wesland from the beginning in 1996 in both contractor and management roles. Don possesses very strong problem-solving skills and is a very valued team member at Wesland/Pioneer.