On-Time, As Promised

“They delivered our cabin on schedule and exactly as promised. The quality of their work and after sales service is outstanding. They made our dream an enjoyable journey!”

– Walter & Karen Webb (Lake Wabamun, Alberta)

Zero problems

“We had a great experience building through Wesland Homes. The entire staff was very helpful with every aspect of the build and I would recommend them to anyone who is looking to build a modular home. We brought in plans and they custom built the house to our specifications to our pleasure it turned out very well. Most importantly we have found the house to have with stood the move and installation onto a basement with zero problems!! Anyone interested in viewing the house is most welcome please call Wesland to book an appointment to view.”

– Shannon and Charlene Harden

Home is where the heart is

“We love our home. It is extremely well built, warm in the winter, cool in the summer. After close to three years there have been no problems. If you are considering going modular, in our opinion there is only one builder to work with, Wes-Land.”

Onsite Finishing

“Once our home was on the property the Wes-Land tradespeople were on site right away. Flooring was finished, doors hung, molding put up. I don’t think we have ever seen a home finished as well as ours. Again all the staff on site were courteous and answered any questions we had. Even at the one year inspection there was only a small crack to fix on one wall, we think pretty good for a home that came down the highway and lifted on site with a crane!”


“We were told we could come as often as we liked during construction, especially the early stages in case we had other thoughts, or the staff there had an idea to improve our home. Each member on staff took the time to stop what they were doing to give us the utmost attention when we stopped by. They were always saying things like “come have a look at this” or “what do you think of this?” Before the electrical was put in we were encouraged to do a walk through to decide the positioning of light switches, pot lights, which pot lights would go on each switch, where switches would go to turn on/off lights from two locations. Most places, once you sign the paperwork, don’t want to see you, or let you make a minor change once construction starts. That was not our experience at Wes-Land. We felt like it was our home from the start, not when it was delivered.”


“The staff at Wes-Land were very helpful in taking our ideas and shaping them into a floor plan we liked and were adaptable to a modular home. Many questions were asked about our lifestyle and how we planned to use each area of the home. Careful thought was put into the smallest detail, such as plugins in our office and such.”